Web Development Process

In the 1990‚Äôs we learned about the power¬†of the Internet and the World Wide Web.¬†If you were in business, you were told¬†you needed a Web site to keep up with¬†the Joneses. Web 1.0 was born. A mere¬†20 years later, if you are in business, the Internet is one of the first places people look to learn more about you and your company. If you don‚Äôt have a Web site, people wonder ‚ÄúIs this company for real?‚ÄĚ Like it or not, Web sites have become a necessity, but¬†Web 2.0 is much more than the content- laden, electronic-brochure sites of the 1990‚Äôs.

…if you are in business, the Internet is one of the first places people look to learn more about you and your company.

Second generation sites integrate dynamic information, interactivity, flash programming, widgets and direct links to other related resources. It is the integration of these components that determines whether your site succeeds or fails as a marketing tool.

Here’s how we approach Web site development for our clients. This will help to outline the strategy for determining the type of site, the amount of content, the flow of navigation, how search engines find it and how it all comes together to benefit the client with measurable results.

Discovery Session

Time and care needs to be taken up front to discover what you want your Web site to achieve. What does it need to do? What will your customer want it to do? Will it simply inform, show samples of your work, or act as an e-commerce site? We will conduct a fact-finding discovery session with you and members of our creative, technical and account service team to determine what those needs are. As a group, we will consider the type of business, customer demographics, evaluate what your competition is doing and review current industry trends. Whether it’s a new site or an upgrade of your existing site, the discovery process is much the same. The result is a road map of how to get your site where it needs to be.

First Draft of Copy

Armed with the road map, we create the initial draft of content for your site. The initial draft outlines the flow of the site and information contained in it. Relevant, carefully-considered, effective headlines and copy points are imperative for search engine optimization (SEO). To complement the content, we use images that speak to the overall design and branding elements that are consistent with your existing marketing materials. This step in the process helps you to visualize what the new site will look and feel like before the final design is implemented and programming begins.

Building the Infrastructure

This is where we map out the step-by-step¬†instructions of how your site will function¬†(much like the turn-by-turn directions¬†your GPS unit offers on a road trip). Our¬†technical team will begin building the¬†pages and writing the code that will dictate¬†how the site functions online. Unlike the¬†directions from your GPS, this is also when¬†the technical team actually ‚Äútest drives‚Ä̬†your site with all major operating systems¬†(both Windows¬© and Mac¬©) in addition¬†to the various Web browsers (Internet¬†Explorer,¬© Firefox¬© and Safari,¬© etc.) to be¬†certain your customers can not only find¬†your site, but successfully navigate with a¬†clear display when they arrive.

Full Operational Review

Surprise birthday parties are great ‚Äď but¬†we don‚Äôt like surprises when it comes to¬†dynamite-looking, user-friendly, properly¬†functioning Web sites. As excitement¬†for your new site builds, and a tentative¬†‚Äúgo live‚ÄĚ date is scheduled, the team will¬†convene to review the site with you in full,¬†functioning display. The technical team¬†will walk you through all elements of the¬†site to be certain you are comfortable with¬†the content, navigation and functionality.¬†We will take the time to review all dynamic¬†components of the site. From this session,¬†concerns will be addressed, corrected and¬†re-reviewed. Once the site meets Sheroian¬†Associates‚Äô high standards and your¬†approval, it is ready to ‚Äúgo live.‚ÄĚ

Going Live!

After last minute changes, corrections or¬†additions are made to the site, ‚Äúgoing live‚Ä̬†means your final destination is right around¬†the corner! We take pride in reviewing every¬†stage of your site development with the¬†entire account team to be sure each online¬†form is functional, every ‚ÄúT‚ÄĚ is crossed and¬†all elements look and work exactly as they¬†should. That‚Äôs how we can successfully¬†launch sites time and time again.

With our added attention to detail, your customer will arrive at a Web site destination  that is easily-found, simple to-navigate, highly-visible and frequently-visited.

Upgrading, re-vamping or creating a Web site is an exciting, albeit potentially overwhelming, time in the life of your business. We can help you successfully navigate the construction zones, pitfalls, speed traps and unknowns that come along the way. With our added attention to detail, your customer will arrive at a Web site destination that is easily-found, simple-to-navigate, highly-visible and frequently-visited. 

It’s time to rev up the engine, pop it into gear and reach your customers with Web 2.0. We can help.