Social Media Process

In the last several years, social media has exploded as a marketing, public relations and relationship building tactic. In today’s world, it is paramount that you connect with your customer base on several levels, including a more personal social one. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace and Wikipedia have become widely-used terms that everyone has heard, even if they don’t have a clue what they are or how they work. Positioning yourself on at least one of these social media applications has become necessary for your validity as a business; much like having a Web site was in 1998.

Here’s how we approach social media for our clients. This will help to outline the strategy for determining which outlets, the process behind the tactics, the flow of information and how it all comes together to benefit the client with results.


After a fact-finding conversation with you, we take a look at your type of business, customer demographics and current marketing tactics. We determine which of the various social media outlets makes the most sense.


• Funeral Home doesn’t belong on YouTube, but might make sense on LinkedIn.

• Budget Retailer of pet clothing & accessories doesn’t belong on Wikipedia, but might make sense on Facebook.

• A local, gourmet specialty items bakery probably doesn’t belong on MySpace, but should take a serious look at Twitter.

…it is paramount that you connect with your customer base on several levels…


What Do You Have to Say?

Upon determining what type of tactic makes sense, we determine what you have to say. Do you have unique insight into a topic or serve as a trusted resource with a treasure trove of information and dozens of articles written to your credit? Do you have daily specials, contests and lots of casual, no-nonsense customers who enjoy your product? Based on that information, we compile a list of categories and topics that would appeal to your audience with the intent of stimulating interaction.


• Facebook (specialty retailer) — Sample categories: Products, Corporate Responsibility, Lifestyle, Practical Application, News/Promos, Fun Posts/Links

• Wikipedia (manufacturing business) — Company History, Products, Competitors, Published Technical Articles

• YouTube (non-profit/cause driven organization) — A video that tells a unique story in a different or compelling manner meant for sharing.


How Often Do We Say It?

Now that we’ve determined who we need to reach and what we have to say… how often do we need to say it? Social media is immediate interaction – that’s why it’s such a powerful relationship building tool! Based on the methods determined, your audience and your budget, we put together a plan for posting, updating and monitoring your tactics.


• Quarterly e-mail blast with technical articles or how-to usage tips.

• Twice weekly posts with links, photos, contests and Facebook specials.

• One-time viral video released across YouTube, MySpace, your company Web site and Facebook.


Did Anyone Hear Us?

The beauty of monitoring social media is that it’s electronic-based… each tactic comes with its own set of metrics much like your Web site. How many followers, page views, interactions, open rates… the list goes on. But before we put any of these tactics to work, we need to determine what success of your social media investment looks like. What do you hope to gain from your efforts beyond “more sales, more customers or more tweets”? Only then can success be measured. Whether you say it or we say it seamlessly on your behalf, social media is about reaching people where they live, on their terms, by their choice… much like meeting your potential mate online, in a bar or at a church social. Social media complements your current marketing tactics and helps to bring the sales cycle full circle without being sales-driven.

Social media complements your current marketing tactics and helps to bring the sales cycle full circle without being sales-driven.

It’s time to connect socially with your customers. We can help.