Media Training Process

Media training is intended to bring real-life experiences to our clients before the media comes knocking on the door with a phone call, personal visit, Blog entry or social media post. The program is grounded in practical knowledge cultivated through years of field work in markets large and small, in both traditional media, as well as new media technologies. It is as close to being in the news as you’ll get without actually being in the news. Our training will help you understand the shifting culture of various media and how best to respond. Will you make the most of your brief spotlight on the news stage? Or will you roll through an avalanche of negative public perceptions? The clock is ticking. We’ll help you establish and manage your expectations of news coverage.

With years of experience on both sides of the media aisle, our staff will help you understand why reporters cover what they cover and why people watch and read what’s being covered. Upon completion of our half-day program, you will have a better understanding of the media’s role in society. Building upon that role, you will be better equipped to supplement the media’s work with a positive perspective and a message that you control

Every media (broadcast, print, electronic, social, etc.) has one role – to tell a story. Every story has one structure – a beginning, middle and an end. Every structure needs characters – a protagonist and an antagonist. Where will you fit and how will your company contribute to the storyline? That’s what you’ll learn in our program.

Trainees Will Learn About:

• The Culture of Media

• Getting the Story Covered

• Anatomy of a Story

• The Interview

• Putting Knowledge into

• Practice on Camera

• Preparing for Results

We’ll help you condense a conversation into a sound bite or a key phrase and show you how you can put the best face (and voice!) on your company no matter what the media wants to talk with you about. This is a hands-on (or face-on) program. We’ll put you on camera after our instruction and offer constructive comments.

You be the Expert

Our half-day program lasts four hours, and we’re happy to fit that around a schedule that works best for you. Like any instruction, the value rests in repetition. We’ll be happy to talk with you about a long-term commitment with a sustainable media plan. In the long run, you and your company will become the expert in your field so the next time the media wants to engage someone, they’re calling you.