Crisis Communication Process

Your organization’s reputation is your most valuable asset. When unfortunate situations arise, ineffectively launching into “crisis mode” without a carefully-considered plan of action could prove devastating to your reputation and your bottom line. You don’t want to be the company remembered for not responding to the tragic oil spill or publicly addressing tainted pain medication. You want to be remembered for responding quickly, being forthright and doing everything possible to make amends.

Crisis situations come in many forms from an alleged criminal act, production mistake, environmental snafu or devastating personal tragedy. And defending a public challenge to your company’s reputation is a delicate balancing act. Our team of cool-headed, rational-thinking professionals will offer expert counsel in proactively preparing a crisis communication plan of action, or assisting you with an effective response during an unfortunate situation.

With years of experience in crafting public relations messages, our communications professionals will take a sobering look at a wide variety of potentially damaging situations for your company and formulate a response to your internal and external audiences. By preparing a step-by-step plan, your key management team will be able to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively in a structured manner for consistent public communication of your solution to the situation.

Preparing the Plan:

• Gather the Communications Team

• Identifying Crisis Situations

• Developing the Messages

• Managing Communications (Monitor & Respond)

• Putting a Plan into Practice

Technology makes today’s news immediate. Our professionals will prepare you for harnessing technology to your advantage as an effective communications tool, in addition to teaching you how and when to respond to negative or untrue comments.

Learn How to Control the Message

Of course, one of the best ways to address crisis situations is to avoid them in the first place. To do that, we train our clients in half-day sessions designed to help people understand what the media wants and needs to know, and how to avoid falling into traps that can make bad press even worse.