Brand Development Process

Our world is cluttered with messages of all kinds. Every day we are bombarded with traditional media from broadcast, print and outdoor to new media in the form of a coupon text message from a favorite pizza shop. As a savvy business owner, what is your best of- fense for cutting through the clutter? A strong brand with active, clear, brand messaging. It paves the way to top-of-mind awareness and the ability to match your capabilities, service or product with the needs of your customers.

Branding is much more than a pretty logo; it’s a representation of your company in a myriad of forms.

Here’s how we approach the brand development process for our clients. This will help to outline the strategy for determining what your brand will look like visually and what it will feel like intrinsically. Branding is much more than a pretty logo; it’s a representation of your company in a myriad of forms.

Discovery Session

Time and care needs to be taken up front to discover what you want your brand to achieve. How will it represent your service or product? How should it to speak to your customers needs? How will it cut through the clutter of your competitors? By conducting a fact-finding discovery session with you and members of our creative and account service teams, we will determine those needs. We start by asking a lot of questions and really listening to your responses. As a group, we will brainstorm ideas and consider the type of business, customer demographics, evaluate what your competition is doing and review current industry trends. Whether it’s a new brand mark or an update of your existing brand, the discovery process is much the same. The result is a road map of how to position your brand both visually and with words.

Initial Development

Armed with the creative road map, we work with our designers to create concepts for your logo. A variety of initial concepts takes into consideration all of the goals gleaned from the discovery session. Relevant, carefully-considered, industry appropriate images, type treatments and colors are imperative for appealing to your target audience. To complement the logo, we also develop initial messaging in the form of a positioning statement or tagline to reinforce the visual cues of your brand. A variety of logo designs and tagline options are presented for your review. This allows us to better identify your likes and dislikes while narrowing down the best options.

Testing and Refining

Upon narrowing your choices to a few favorites, we conduct further informal testing of the proposed logos and taglines with the public. Tapping into opinions from a variety of target markets and the general public, we take a closer look at personal preferences, perceptions and feelings to help in further refining the designs and messages for making the final decision. We also conduct informal searches on the favorite logo marks and taglines to avoid brand confusion with others.

Presentation of Concept

Much like the cream that rises to the top, a favorite logo and tagline emerge from the myriad of choices. Upon selection, we apply the logo treatment to several sample applications to help you better visualize the finished product. At this stage we refine the image, colors, positioning and message until we reach mutual perfection. This is also the stage where we recommend that a legal search of the brand logo mark and tagline be formally conducted before public launch.

Building Your Brand

Beyond the logo and tagline lie endless possibilities for use of your new branding. We begin by developing a full identity package which most often includes business cards, letterhead, e-letterhead, electronic signature blocks, note card and presentation folder. In addition, collateral materials including a brochure, sales sheets, product guides, signage, a Web site and packaging help to provide the tools to effectively reach your customers and beyond. At this stage, we also recommend development of a graphic standards guide to help with future, consistent use of the logo, established colors and brand integrity across any potential application.

Internal Market Launch

No better proponent of your new brand exists than your internal market. Taking the time to properly introduce your brand to your employees is paramount for further development of your brand culture. Offering brand development background information to your internal market helps them to understand what the new brand visually and intrinsically represents and sets the tone for success. Use of launch events, educational materials, promotional items and customer service initiatives all work toward consistent internal brand messaging. We will recommend ways to get your internal market educated and excited to help build momentum for your external market launch.

Let’s Launch!

Excitement for your new brand has been bubbling internally, now it’s time for you to share it with the public! As a true marketing partner, we take pride in assisting you with everything necessary for launch success. Working with your internal marketing personnel or taking charge of the reigns for you, we will help you put your best foot forward when launching your brand externally. Public relations, social media, special events, media placement and grass-roots efforts all help to gain the recognition that your new brand deserves! We can help you make it all happen.

Developing, updating or recreating a brand is one of the single most important things you can do to establish yourself in a crowded marketplace.

We would never leave you hanging! When the initial launch is over, we look forward to working as your marketing partner by putting together a comprehensive plan to help you ride the newly-established momentum and maintain the excitement that builds buzz for your new brand. 

Developing, updating or recreating a brand is one of the single most important things you can do to establish yourself in a crowded marketplace. It’s exciting but can be a potentially daunting task in the life of your business. We know how to help you successfully navigate the overwhelming options, consumer behavior insights and other variables that crop up along the way. With more than 20 years of experience and dozens of successful branding campaigns to our credit, customers will not only find you with a striking brand mark and compelling message, but remember you for years to come. 

What does your brand say about you? It’s time to make your mark.