Woodhaven Log & Lumber –¬†Re-Branding¬†


The warmth of a roaring fire, the crispness of clean air, the hypnotic lure of ripples on a crystal clear lake. Log home owners crave all of the bounty that nature has to offer. The solid foundation of WoodHaven Log and Lumber was firmly in place. The goal: to strengthen the existing brand reputation and further convey the integrity of a superior product, while reinforcing a preeminent level of customer service and evoking the feeling of pride and quality that log home owners cherish most about their recreational lifestyle.


Meet the competition head on and make the sale. Rick Bills built a solid enterprise with a reputation as flawless as the products he offers. It was time to strengthen the existing brand by enticing prospective log home buyers, not only locally but around the world, to take notice of the WoodHaven difference.


‚ÄúTrue to the Grain‚ÄĚ emerged as the¬†new tagline to help strengthen the brand image. Paired with a fresh logo comprised of images and colors evoking a connection with nature, the enhanced branding began to take shape. Careful selection of quality papers, pristine photography and flowing copy¬†meld the visual components for¬†a comprehensive package of letterhead, billboards, magazine ads and collateral materials. Conveying a level of comfort¬†and quality that log cabin owners understand was paramount.

After thorough research, the second objective of creating an attractive, yet functional, sample kit was met. A kit of mail-friendly size and manageable price was assembled containing carefully crafted product, a descriptive brochure and ordering information. A high-quality sample kit helps to convey the level of craftsmanship, consistency and integrity of the brand.

Careful planning and prudent use of resources helped address the implementation of a Web presence with plans for expanded functionality. Designed with expansion in mind, a simple, five-page site conveyed the mission, goals, basic product and contact information. The following  year, a product-driven, second generation site was launched with increased functionality, a photo gallery of product installations and detailed product descriptions. 


One year after the complete implementation of the re-branding, WoodHaven continues to receive an endless stream of compliments on the quality of its marketing materials, as well as its product. Multiple orders can directly be attributed to the new branding, including a $30,000 sale within one week after the release of a single magazine ad. As a result of an Internet presence, 60-70% of WoodHaven’s revenue is via Internet-based inquiries. And an impressive sample kit leads 40% of customers who receive it to follow-up with a product order. In addition to a direct return on the marketing investment, the enhanced brand continues to leave a positive, lasting impression in its wake.