The written word is powerful stuff. Encountering a daily barrage of text messages and¬†abbreviated forms of communication, some say a valid understanding and use of proper¬†English is a¬†dying art. But never fear ‚Äď help is just an e-mail message away! We are pleased¬†to introduce our new proofreading service called proof+.

Public opinion about a company, product or service is easily swayed by the quality of how you present yourself. In most forms of communications, it all comes down to the value of the written word. With a solid foundation in the proper use of grammar, coupled with extensive backgrounds in English, advertising and/or journalism, our proofreaders are trained to recognize the copy styles commonly used in the advertising, marketing and communications industry. Projects can be exchanged, reviewed and corrected in paperless electronic format or other means. Full details, rates and procedures regarding the new service are available by visiting or by calling 734-854-5501.

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