Sheroian just delivered valve catalogs and sell sheets to Alkon Corporation, a buzzing hive of fitting and valve production in Fremont, Ohio. They’ve been upgrading their sales literature – and their sales – since they teamed up with Sheroian.

Several years ago, after seeing our work for another industrial client, Alkon came to Sheroian to enliven and strengthen their brand. Some see their products – valves and fittings – as commodity products, but to Alkon they’re nearly as individual as fingerprints. From dimensions to open/close cycle time and sealant, every choice meets a need for one of thousands of applications.

Sheroian worked with Alkon’s executives on developing a new logo and tagline. From there, we launched new catalogs, Alkon’s web site, videos and sell sheets, using proprietary images of Alkon’s people proudly building their products.

Each project reflected Alkon’s products – clear, hard-working, high quality, no nonsense, made to fit the application and users. They did the job and Alkon grew.

Soon Alkon was ready to launch Trans-DOT, its growing line for heavy industrial, commercial and public transit vehicles. They turned to Sheroian. And when Alkon acquired Star Hydraulics, they called us to strengthen its brand.

The moral of this story: business isn’t about relationships; it is relationships. Listening. Making it happen. Following through. When clients are willing to put their most valuable product – their brand – in your hands, that’s a breathtaking level of trust. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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