We have been working on brand strategy and marketing for northern Michigan-based WoodHaven Log & Lumber for 8 years. But when they casually mentioned an out-of-the-ordinary customer, we saw an opportunity to share WoodHaven’s unusual story – not through typical avenues using photography of beautiful log homes and poetic waxing about rustic timbers – but through humor and the viral potential of the internet.

The idea for a viral video came out of a conversation about a customer who found WoodHaven on the internet and came all the way from Denmark to inspect and purchase the products. We thought that was a story worth sharing.

So our creative team went into action and crafted a humorous narrative retelling the story through animation. The result is “Log Siding: A Log Home Among Castles” – a 2-1/2 minute animated video created specifically for YouTube. The video is peppered with comedic moments but still conveys a few key marketing messages. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lmTdvyB_0o

The video fits right into WoodHaven’s brand strategy. Choosing log siding for a home is a very personal process. WoodHaven is a friendly, folksy company and they build strong personal relationships with their customers: enough to cross an ocean for just the right products.

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