We are amped!  Not just because the warmer weather is here (to stay, we hope, but we’re not laying any bets).  Mostly because our irons in the fire are becoming terrific new clients, and they run the gamut.

CTeL Innovations joined SA this year.  It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of the nonprofit Center for Telehealth and e-Health Law (CTeL), the only source for expert telehealth guidance (legal, regulatory, technology, you name it) for 25 years.  With the digital universe expanding at an astronomical rate, telehealth systems are some of the fastest-growing networks around the world. CTeL Innovations was launched to help companies and organizations develop the best telehealth systems possible.  SA is proud to play a role in these efforts.  We wrote the firm’s introductory brochure and web site on a very quick turnaround, and their site went live in May.  We’re even prouder to say they’re very happy.

Closer to home, our long-time client WoodHaven recently introduced a new product, Rick’s Garden Boxes.  Woodhaven came to SA to develop its packaging, point-of-purchase materials and a PowerPoint presentation that landed them a meeting with Home Depot’s corporate office in Atlanta.  In fact, you’ll soon see Rick’s Garden Boxes on the Home Depot web site, and (if all goes well) the retail giant is considering selling the garden boxes in stores nationwide next year.

Wood seems to be a good business niche right now.  Another local company with sales across America, KenCraft is a family-owned and -operated wood retailer and THE go-to people for woodworkers everywhere.  Need something impossible to find?  They’ll know a guy who knows a guy who can get what you need.  (If they told you the source, they’d have to kill you, so don’t ask.  Seriously.)

SA is helping KenCraft re-brand itself, build local awareness and online sales with a new e-commerce web site and some public relations work. Ken and his family have a deep knowledge of and respect for wood that John Muir would admire.  And their diversity in products and services is like something out of a James Bond film.  Exotic wood (even naturally purple wood), gift-making kits, woodworking tools and bits, panels, unique profiles, plane sanding, thin-cut wood, veneer … woodworkers don’t call it “The Candy Store” for nothing.

But, of course, no list would be complete without food.  (Mmmm, food …)  So, we’re grilled … er, thrilled, that is, to be working with Bennett Management on a new web site for its 25 Burger King franchises.  But more on that later …We recently got the sad news that Robert G. “Bob” Bennett, company patriarch and the true king of burgers in this neck of the woods, passed away unexpectedly.  We plan to do him proud and do our part to help this family-owned company carry on.  We only hope we can serve them as well as they’ve served hungry guests for years.

Well, that’s it for now.  Gotta go – we have a lot of work to do!  But check back soon, and get updates anytime on our Facebook page.

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